Friday, July 2, 2010



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Individual Presentation

Today is my first individual presentation..
Have to wear formal today..

I was a bit nervous when i was presenting just now..
I planned to play some jokes..
But i forgot all about that when i was presenting because of nervous..

Almost everytime i'll be like this because of nervous..
My presentation was quite clear but it was a bit informative so it would be quite boring..

But i'm glad that i dun have to read too much from the slides and i can speak using my own words..
At least i'm improving..
Compare to the presentation when i was in secondary school, now i have improved to less nervous and more confident..

I'll try my best to improve my speed because i talked a bit slow..
I have no other choice because i'll be stammer if i talk too fast..

And i'll try to improve my joking skill also..
This can help to prevent my audiences to feel boring..

There will be another individual presentation on next friday..
But this time i dun have to wear formal...
I'll try my best to improve what i have to improve..

I'm disappointing??

I'm disappointing??
Den u are more disappointing...
I thought u said u wont force me to join??
Den why are u forcing me to join now??

I just busy to go to the business motivation, do u have to say i'm disappointing u??
Cant i be busy??
I understand that u had left not much time to do this business in Malaysia because u have to study in Australia..
But do u really have to force me like that..
U are the one who want to let your business great as fast as u can but I'm not u..

If i really wanna join den of course i'll join...
Do u have to chase me like that??
Even i join after u left Malaysia, Vincent can help me, isn't it???

U let me feel more disappointed!!
I tell u i dun wanna join now!!

Everything is end

Yea.. everything is end.. our friendship end..

I'm just your classmate..
U wont talk to me if there is nothing important to talk about..
and i'm doing the same thing also..

U thought i want to do this too??
I'm doing it too because i have no choice..
I know u wont talk to me if i ask u something that is not important for u..

I still dun understand that why we have to choose this way after a simply quarrel..

B4 this, u made me angry a few times also but did i say anything??
I think u dun know what was that..
so i'll tell u now..

Do u know that actually i hate my friends that afraid of others to say something that is not the truth??
Last time, it was a sunny day..
We walk home together from school..
I knew it was hot therefore i dun mind to share my umbrella with u..
But what did u say, do u still remember it??
U said:" Ei, dun do this please, I got girlfriend already.. p/s: She was your X's gf now..
Do u really have to say like that??
We are friends, isn't it??
I was really angry at that moment but i never say anything to u..
After some times, i left it beside already,,

I really dunno why...
Why there are people like this who always afraid that others will misunderstand or say something that is not the truth????
I know that almost everyone afraid of it but do u really have to scare until like this??
Do u really have to try to run far away just to avoid these???????
I'm not talking about u only, i'm also talking about some others..

Now i'm thinking about that..
After we finish this course and den we continue our degree but different courses, will u say 'hi' to me??
Will u ask me 'how are you?'...
Actually, i knew the answer already..
I knew u wont want to talk to me even a word..

What a pity...
Everything ends...
Just because a simply quarrel..

But.. u're still my friend forever..
Thanks for removing the sting of the bee from my leg when i was stung by bee..
Thanks for everything..
Dun feel lazy to your homework..
Good luck for u..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My frens

Elin... my classmate and also my fren from my college..
the only one who is always free to accompany to shop..
but she went back to Sarawak..
i know her ambition is to become a teacher..
and now her dream comes true so i never ask her y is she going back..
after she went back, i think no one else is free to accompany me to shop..
my other frens are always busy because they have thier own activities..
i'll miss Elin and maybe i'll go Sarawak to visit her if i can..
take k.. good luck!!!!!

Benjamin, my primary school classmate and also my best fren..
he's going to study in Austalia next month..
he change alot.. haha.. talk alot..
after so many years, now only we have the time to gather with each other..
but he suddenly said tat he's going to study in other country..
i dunno tat will we still have the chance to gather together or not..
he's always protecting me since we were in primary skul..
i'll miss u too!! dun forget tat i'll be one of ur band's member!!
take k and i know u can become a good and intelligent doctor..
do ur best!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

at least u answer me

at least.. u answer me..
at least.. i stil can talk to u..
even we wont go back to the last but at least we're stil frens..

i know.. i cant talk tat much with u lik b4..
i know we're not good fren anymore..
we cant share our secret anymore..
we wont walk home together anymore..
u wont smile at me anymore..
we wont do or discuss our homework together anymore..
we wont do revision together anymore..
or even u wont appreaciate our frenship anymore..

but.. i'm already very comfort tat we wont have to be lik enemy..
i think ur life is changing..
i think u got a new target and forgot about something tat made u unhappy..
is good.. i feel happy for u also..
muz be happy!!!
good fren or just normal fren also not important anymore..
juz remember.. u're always my fren..

Monday, January 4, 2010


Hahaha.. fren?
Not fren anymore????
Wat to say?? I really dunno wat to say..
For me, frens are always important to me..
But, it was hurt to hear tat, for them, i'm not important at all..

After quarrel den we are not fren anymore??
Hahaha... U chose to do so den wat can i do??
Yea, i'll respect ur choice..
If not??? Wat else can i do?? nothing..

For me, u were my important fren..
I stil remember that when we 1st met...
U were sad, felt complicated, den u come and ask for help..
Tat time, i really did try my best to help u..
When u were sad, i try to be by ur site..
U wanted me to accompany u to watch movie i never refuse..
Y i stil remember so much about tis?? I think u might ask..
Is becau i appreciate our frenship..

After u knew my frens and i started to feel tat i was annoying..
Wat to say?? I had no choice cause tat was ur choice..
Sad?? Yea, sad to lost my important fren..
But at tat time u were stil my fren..
Now, are u stil my fren?? For me, of course..
But, for u?? I think i was nothing.. right??

Sad.. really sad..
If some stupid guys scold me lik tis i would only feel annoying, tats all..
But now is different, u are my fren, u know??
But u chose to scold me lik tat???
Haha... hahahahaha...
Wat else can i say????????????

P/S: 'hahaha' did not mean tat i was laughing..